OilField Jobs In Texas With No Experience

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Where To Start In The Oilfield

The easiest and most common way to find an oil job in Texas is start at the bottom and work your way up like everybody else has done. Good things come to those who are willing to put in the work. Find a company hiring entry level floor hands or roustabouts and send in your application. Your best chances of getting hired is going this route. Many companies are willing to train if the employee is a hard working individual. When applying for these jobs you have to be ready to work any shift they give you. When you start making demands about your shift before you are even hired, your application will most likely go into the garbage.

One Of The Easiest Ways To Get Hired For An Oilfield Job In Texas

Another way to find oilfield jobs in Texas with no experience is to get your CDL. If you can get your license your odds of landing a job increase greatly. Many companies are in desperate need of drivers all across the oil patch in Texas. Be sure to get your airbrake, tanker, doubles and tripples, and haz-mat endorsement to go along with your license as you will need these depending upon what you will be hauling. If you can get your CDL, your application takes presidence over the next guy applying for the same job without a license. Truck drivers are in high demand, and if you look hard enough you will find somebody willing to give you a shot, even without experience. Sometimes to get your foot in the door the best way to find oilfield jobs in Texas is to find an owner operator that is willing to train.

Another route you can go is to get on with a service company that requires CDL drivers. The service companies are usually willing to train more often than not. If you can’t find a service company to get on with you’re simply not looking hard enough. These companies always need workers. Be flexible even if the starting pay isn’t what you expected. You can always work your way up in the oil and gas industry. A little bit of hard work goes a long ways in the oil patch.

A More Hands On Approach To Landing A Job Working In The Texas Oilfields

If you are some what handy with tools you can look into local shops and see if anybody is in need of a shop hand. This is a great way to find oilfield jobs in Texas with no experience and work your way up. If you enjoy taking stuff apart and fixing it you should check into as many local diesel mechanic shops as you can find. This sometimes even leads to you becoming a driver, as owner operators bring their trucks in to get them serviced. It’s all about networking, talk to as many people as you can. If you are at a truck stop getting fuel and you see some oil trucks, go talk to them and see if they have any leads on jobs. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. Get creative in your search for oilfield jobs in Texas with no experience and you will find yourself a great career working in the oil fields of Texas.

Sometimes It’s Not What You Know It’s Who You Know

We’ve all heard the saying before so here’s a good example. Maybe you know somebody working out there already. Perhaps it’s a friend or relative. More often than not the workers will know if the company is hiring. Some companies prefer to hire from referals instead of the traditional way. Talk to everybody you know that is working in the oilfield. If you don’t know anybody personally the next best thing you can do is be able to identify an oilfield worker. When you’re at a local truckstop that is frequented by oil workers don’t be shy, if you see somebody in work clothes ask them politely if they maybe know of any leads. Word travels fast about which companies are hiring. Some companies are short on guys and need somebody the very next day. If you’re lucky you just might be heading to work the very next day. Like this post and share it on Facebook, your friends need to read this.

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